ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc.

Established in 2009

As a distinguished Environmental Service Company, we specialize in comprehensive testing and maintenance services for fuel storage tanks. Based in Lafayette, CA, our small yet dynamic business has thrived for 15 years, serving clients across Northern California. At ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc., we take pride in our dedicated team and unwavering commitment to environmental compliance, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of fuel storage systems for a sustainable future.

15 +

Years of Experience

Nik Zagorov <br>
Founder, ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc.

Nik Zagorov
Founder, ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc.

ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc.


Our mission is succinctly defined: to satisfy the needs of our customers in the most efficient manner possible, guided by the dedication and integrity of our employees. ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc. aims to exceed customer expectations through a relentless commitment to service and environmental stewardship.

When you need professional, competent inspections and testing, ECO-CHEK Compliance, Inc. is ready to meet your needs.


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